Guided Self-learning Toddler

The toddler training in infancy has far-reaching influence, and learning to walk is an irreversible process. However, once learnt improperly, it will cause health problems. Therefore, I hope to design a series of toddler guiding devices for children aged from 5 to 16 months. As training devices for rectifying body posture, it will help children master the most proper standing, sitting and walking postures when they first learn to walk.

Design‭ /‬‭ ‬Xiao Chen
Technical Support / Dengyi Wu
Year / 2019


Plan Display


How to Use

1. Crawling Cloud

Material: Linen with cotton
Applicable stage: Knee crawling (6-9 months old)


Multiple balls can be grabbed at will


It can scroll slowly


Making a sound and lights to attract baby

未标题-2_画板 1.png

3. Standing Cloud

Material: Cork
Applicable stage: Learning to walk (10-16 months old)


Supporting a pulling force of 20kg


Fixed on the wall


Different height slots to accommodate the baby's height


Length adjustable

2. Grasping Cloud

Material: Rubber
Applicable stage: Holding things to stand up (9-10 months old)


As the baby grows taller, the height of the product can also be adjusted

2. 学步车-07.jpg

Children can sit and play with some small toys that can stimulate their senses.

A thicker and less slippery blanket can be placed to reduce the resistance when crawling.

Match the height with the furniture to protect babies from the edges and corners of a table when standing straight.

The baby can grasp it to practice the action of squatting, walking, lifting the leg, etc. to train the large muscle groups.

This series of products abandon the limitations of toddler tools such as baby walkers and toddler belt; provide children with an adjustable small space and give them the greatest freedom as well as protecting their safety. Rather than squatting in a small square, these series of products let children experience the interest of exploration, during which their brain are well exercised.

Strengthened Muscle Groups


Back muscle

Gluteal muscle



Abdominal muscle

Thigh quadriceps

The toddler is the process of learning to master balance, exercise large muscle groups, and learn to think. Many physical discomforts such as muscle soreness, scoliosis, pelvic tilt, vision problems... are all closely related to incorrect toddler learning.


Prevention of Deformities