South China Sea Keeper
052B Guided Missile Destroyer Simulation Model


Design‭ /‬‭ ‬Xiao Chen, Bin Yao
Physical Model Making / Xiao Chen, Minghui Yang, Yuxuan zhuang
3D Model Making‭ /‬‭‬‭ ‬Chenlong Liu

Photography‭ /‬‭‬‭ ‬Xiao Chen

Film‭ /‬‭‬‭ ‬Xiao Chen
Technical Support / NPU Engineering Practice Training Center
Year / 2018

This project is a simulation model of the Wuhan ship. It was done by a team of five students, which took us about four months. I was responsible for line drafting, 3D widget modeling and printing, hull assembly, and brochure production.

First-class Winner

In the 7th National Marine Vehicle Design & Production Competition

第七届全国海洋航行器设计与制作大赛 国家级特等奖.jpg


The scale ratio / 1:170

The materials we used / Layered wood, light wood board, cardboard, metal etched sheet, photosensitive resin, acrylic sheet, etc.

Processing machines / Laser cutting machine, photosensitive resin printer

Production Process